The Dümmen Orange Calla business unit is built on a strong history of more than 200 years of experience and knowledge (Geerlings was founded in 1892, GSBG in 1901 and Sande in 1980). This experience, heritage and passion for customers and flower bulbs combined with the commitment to invest in new technologies make us your confident partner to trust.

The new Calla business creates the global leader in the Calla breeding: Geerlings' experience in cultivation and processing of different kinds of Calla tubers, combined with the established portfolio of products from GSBG & Sande, and the leading breeding programs from Sande & GSBG (with genetics from Europe, California and New Zealand).

Breeding facility

The breeding pipelines from Sande and GSBG will be combined and housed the state-of-the-art breeding facilities of former Sande. In combination with Dümmen Orange’s modern breeding capabilities, this will result in a superior offering to customers worldwide and bolster innovations, especially in the introduction of disease resistance and productivity traits.


The Netherlands is already the largest producer of Calla tubers in the world. Dutch Calla tubers have been used by customers all over the world for both cut and pot use with year-round planting schedule. The Netherlands offers the perfect growing condition for Calla tubers with sandy loam soils and stable climate / temperature year-round. Our aim is to supply the healthiest tubers from our own production as well as the best growers in Holland.


We have invested in state-of- the-art storage facilities for tubers with ozone treatment and optimized conditions to improve tuber quality. In addition, we control the quality of the tubers before they are sent to customers.