Bring strong varieties to market

Dümmen Orange is breeding, propagating and trading calla lily tubers. Our Calla team has many years of expertise and experience. We work with a worldwide network of calla customers, retailers and colleagues, with whom we share one goal: to bring strong varieties to market. Tubers where our customers can always depend on. Calla tubers that are reliable in terms of quality, colour and delivery

The commercial interest in calla lilies (Zantedeschia hybrids) is growing rapidly. And that’s hardly surprising: they have huge ornamental value, they come in a wide range of colours and they’re relatively quick to grow in the greenhouse. Calla lilies are produced both as cut flowers and flowering pot plants. Cut flower callas are often used in bouquets, ranging from table displays to bridal arrangements. Callas are also popular in event floristry. As flowering pot plants, they are usually sold for indoor use but are becoming increasingly popular outdoors – on the patio, for example. Sales of dry calla tubers for colourful borders is also a growing segment

Breeding and research

What makes the calla lily particularly interesting as a product is the special attention paid to breeding it. It takes years to bring a new variety to market. We can only provide the market with strong, sustainable varieties by testing. We are constantly improving the quality of our varieties, so that customers can continue to grow the highest quality product. By strong varieties, we mean varieties that are pure in colour, that have predictable growth and flowering, that are sturdy, that bloom profusely and that can be grown year-round. It goes without saying that we focus on varieties that are not susceptible to pests and diseases, so they need little to no crop protection.

Crop specialist

Calla lilies are a challenging crop for which growers need specialist knowledge if they are to achieve an optimum product. Calla is originally a swamp plant from Africa. The right temperature to humidity ratio is very important for growing callas. We work with customers in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Each country and region has its own climate and therefore its own challenges. Our crop specialists and regional managers are on hand to provide our customers with tailored advice.

Available all year round

Stock management is another discipline. Because tubers are sold from one annual harvest, all the varieties we place on the market have a long shelf life. Dümmen Orange customers can and must be able to count on getting the tubers they need all year round. We supply tubers from our own production as well as from our partners with whom we have strict arrangements on quality, harvesting, processing and delivery times.